:) :) :) Pretty please do not email us asking how much fabric to order for your project :) :) :). 

We are not able to calculate how many yards you’ll need, as we don't want to steer you wrong. All upholsterers work differently with pattern, and your order size will depend on how they use the pattern, if you add piping, etc.

Here are the steps:

1. Measure the dimensions of your piece.  

2. Share an image of the fabric (and its repeat size), and your furniture dimensions with your upholsterer. 

3. Remember that larger patterns (like the Sunwave) require 20-40% more fabric. For example a daybed that has a 10 yard surface area needed 12 yards of our Sunwave fabric.

4. Use this tool as a general guide for how much you’ll need overall. Add an additional overage percentage using the chart from this site, based on repeat size.

Is this a limited run? Or will you restock?
Yes we will restock! As soon as colorways sell out, we’ll re-order and restock within 8-12 weeks. 

What if I under-order?
Please place another order through our website. If we’re sold out, you’ll need to wait until our next batch arrives (8-12 weeks). 

What if I over-order?
We cannot accept returns of fabric that you’ve already cut. If your fabric is clean, unused, and uncut, we’ll accept the return within 14 days. 

Will my swatch be the exact same color as the yardage I order?
Expect slight color variation from dye lot to dye lot, as these fabrics are hand-produced in small batches. Please request a CFA if needed. 

Return Policy?
You may return clean, unused, uncut fabric within 14 days for a full refund plus a restocking fee of $35. We cannot accept returns of fabric that you’ve already cut. When in doubt, buy a swatch first! 





Can I wash the upholstery fabric?
Spot clean when you can. You can wash our fabric in cold water on gentle cycle. Both fabrics we use are made from natural cotton & linen fibers that can withstand gentle washing & tumble drying, however frequent washing may cause the color to fade slightly. Do not dry with high heat to avoid shrinkage. 

All fabric has been pre-washed here in LA.

Is fabric suitable for indoor or outdoor use?
Our fabric is designed for indoor use. 

Careful outdoor use in mild climates is possible, but we recommend treating the fabric first with Scotchguard for upholstery fabric or Vectra. Bring fabric inside for inclement weather and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to avoid fading.

How heavy is this fabric? 
Both the cotton and linen have a lovely, heavy drape, and a nice, soft, textured hand. On a scale of 1 (sheer) to 10 (blackout), the cotton is a ~6, and the linen is ~7. Order swatches when in doubt!

Does the fabric fade in sunlight?
These fabrics are printed with non toxic, AZO free, colorfast chemical dyes. They are untreated, and as such they will fade slightly in direct sunlight over time. 

For reference, my Block Shop fabric (Sunwave Mustard) is going on year 4 of living in the sunniest spot in my house in LA, next to the windows, and it has faded by about 3 shades (still looks gorg!). 

Can your fabrics withstand the wear & tear of pets and kids?
Our fabrics are sturdy but they are not stain or water resistant, and have not been treated with any chemicals. If you’re worried about stains, trusty Scotchguard for upholstery fabric works great. If you’d like a gentler, green version, try Vectra. Simply apply it yourself in an even coat and you’re ready to rumble. 

For reference, both our cotton and linen-upholstered daybeds have withstood years of countless toddler and dog shenanigans quite beautifully without any treatment. 

Chairs, cushions, curtains, benches, bolsters, love seats, daybeds, blinds, headboards. 

Our heavyweight cotton works on anything, but it’s a bit lighter than the linen, so we tend to use it for light-to-medium use pieces. We would not recommend it for your super heavy-use sofa.

Sofas, chairs, cushions, curtains, benches, bolsters, love seats, daybeds, and headboards. Our linen is nice and sturdy and can be used across daily-use furniture.





Do you have a trade program for Interior Designers?

Yes! Email us:  hello@blockshoptextiles.com the following to receive our discounted pricing:

1. Your Interior Design Certification/Major Design Organization identification

2. Resale or Sales Tax Certificate number

3. State of operation

What’s the double rub count?
All of our fabrics are residential grade, with a double rub count of 25,000