Visit our beautiful new store in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles.

3215 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Tuesday—Saturday: 11—6
Sunday: 9—5

Can I visit your production site in India? 
If you wish to experience hand block printing in India, we recommend a visit to the famous Anokhi Museum, where printing is demonstrated continuously on the museum's upper floors. Or sign up for a day-long printing workshop at Jai Texart, about an hour outside of Jaipur, which will give you a great understanding of our process. 

You're sold out AGAIN! 
So sorry, we're probably printing more as we speak! Click on the sold out product, and enter your email where it says NOTIFY ME! When the product restocks, we'll give you a 24 hours to shop before announcing the restock to the public.

Do you ship internationally?
Most of our products can ship anywhere in the world! Please see our shipping page for full info. 

Do you offer gift wrapping?
All our scarves come in hand stitched cotton pouches but we do not gift wrap. If you're giving a scarf as a gift, you can leave a note for the recipient when you check out. We'll handwrite the message on a Block Shop note card and will remove the invoice from the package. 

Do you sell wholesale? 
Please e-mail us at wholesale@blockshoptextiles.com if you think Block Shop might be a good fit. Tell us about your shop, your customers, and other brands you carry that you love.

Do you do custom projects?
We love collaborations and wild schemes; drop us a line.

How do I wash my Block Shop?
You do not need to wash your scarves, pillows or quilts before using them– we did it for you!  

When it does come time for cleaning, we recommend washing in cold water on your machine's gentle cycle with gentle, pH-neutral soap. Tumble dry low or air dry flat, iron if desired. We also recommend ironing if you wish to return your scarf to its original shape after continuous wear.

Will my scarf look exactly like the one I saw online?
Because of the hand block printing process, color and pattern variations are to be expected and celebrated. This is why we love our product: no two textiles are exactly alike, and each scarf has been lovingly and carefully made from start to finish by an entire community of specialized artisans.

Please note that some dyes are slightly stiffer upon receipt, but will soften into the most comfortable, wearable slouch after a washing or two. 

Will you fix my framed print if it is damaged during shipment? 
If you've received a damaged framed print, please contact us at hello@blockshoptextiles.com and we will be happy to arrange the necessary repairs directly with our framing company.